Lab 5

Virtual Jamestown

Crandall A. Shifflett, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, University of Virginia, and the Virginia Center for Digital History

This site is so cool. It is a work in progress but the purpose of the site is to create a virtual archive of historic Jamestown. There is a 3D recreation of a Paspahegh Indian Village which was interesting, and the site focuses a lot on the Indians living in the area and their experiences as well as having the papers of John Smith and his map of the town.

Kindred Britain

Kindred Britain is something that was brought up briefly in our last class and is something that I’m familiar with and really like. It is an interactive map that shows how all of the famous and royal people in England are connected. So for example you could look at Charles Dickens and see how he is related to Virginia Woolf. It’s crazy how interconnected everyone actually is.

Canadian Mysteries

The premise of the site is pretty entertaining. The idea is that teachers will use these unsolved historical mysteries to teach their students about history and is based on the method of “document-centered inquiry”. It seems like it would be a fun site to use and would get kids interested in learning.

How did they make that?

University of California, Los Angeles

How did they make that?

This site is great because it takes different digital humanities projects and breaks down how they were created. Every project has a list of the platforms used and the skills needed to create the project. So, when you see something cool online you could use this as a resource to find out how to make a similar project. It could be a great tool for students or researchers who are looking to integrate digital humanities into their projects.

The Walt Whitman Archive

Kenneth M. Price and Ed Folsom

As an English major I’m always a sucker for sites that archive an author’s collective works. This site not only includes Walt Whitman’s published works but also his personal letters which I liked and they even have a recording of him reading a few lines of his poetry (as well as someone else who recorded all of them making them more accessible which is great).

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